Hi,I meet a problem when I am developing.

I am developing php base on other programer's php code .
I must make the php page always newest when clicking 'back' botton in
browser(because that programer using javascript: history.go(-1)), I try sent
header() to disable cach,but seems to not works:
my development show below:
I have two page: page1 and page2 , on page1 I have a form which used to send
parameter to page2, when I submit this form ,the URL change to page2 ,page2
use php code to deal with parameter and date submitted by form on page1 ,
then page use javascript: history.go(-1) to return page1 . and page1 must
show newest information .

I think it maybe not php questtion ,maybe I shoud insert some javascript
code into page1 somewhere,but I don't know what to . Could somebody help me
, thank you very much.

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