Thats only if i call the index.php file first.
For that i have another solution
if (function_exists('func')) {
call_user_func ('func');
} else {
include 'main.php';

But thats not the problem.

I am using id in an sql query, but not shown in my example (sorry :) )
But i wanted to show what i am after, and that is that the
id string cant be called after including index.php ...

Bård Tommy Nilsen

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Sendt: 25. september 2001 09:56
Til: Bård Tommy Nilsen; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Emne: Re: [PHP] Including files without loosing my string

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:01, Bård Tommy Nilsen wrote:
> Hello !
> I am trying to keep my string after including av file.
> file1.php:
> (accessed with file1.php?id=1)
> <?php
> include 'index.php';
> function func() {
> echo "buddy";
> }
> ?>
> index.php:
> <?php
> echo "Hello";
> if (function_exists('func')) {
> call_user_func ('func');
> }
> The output should then be "Hello buddy";
> Can anyone help me with this one ??
> Regards
> Bård Tommy Nilsen

In most languages, you must declare a function _before_ calling it. In
your case, your program looks like this after the include:

// include 'index.php';
echo "Hello";
 if (function_exists('func')) {
 call_user_func ('func');
 function func() {
 echo "buddy";

So you have no function at the time you test for it :-)

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