Hi all,

 I am Karthick, from Ireland. I recently got laid off
and looking for a job, anywhere in Europe. The Job
market is so bad that I haven't got any solid
responses, so far. It has been more than 2 weeks that
I started looking for a job. But no luck, so far.

 I am hereby attaching my Resume' with this email, and
if you come across any jobs in PHP/MySQL, pls. let me

 Thanks in adv.

+353 87 7928230

My Resume:

# 3, Granby Row
Apartment 4
Dublin 1
Republic of Ireland
Phone # (353) 87 7928230 (Mobile)
Homepage: http://www.karthicktv.com

Objective: To obtain a Challenging position in the
World Wide Web Development.

Qualification: B.A. English Literature (1993-96) in
Sourashtra College, Madurai

Additional Qualification: National Institute of
Information Technology (NIIT)
                                Honors Diploma in Systems Management &

Professional Work Experience:
        More than four years of work experience in various
capacities in the information technology and at
present working as a Web Developer in VoxPilot Ltd,
Dublin, Ireland.

Work Experience:

1.      From 17-02-97 to 31-11-97 - in Sri Chakra
Computers, Madurai
Designation: Programmer

2.      From 01-12-97 to 05-03-98 - in Webworld, Madurai
Designation: Programmer

3.      From 06-04-98 to 25-03-99 - in Pioneer Internet Pvt
Ltd, Madurai
Designation: Programmer

4.      From 31-03-99 to 20-03-2000 - in Aspire Systems,
Chennai, India
Designation: Programmer

5.      From 22-03-2000 to 22-11-2000 - in
SSI-BizNet.com, Chennai, India
        Designation: Programmer

6.      From 29-11-2000 to Till date - in VoxPilot Ltd,
Dublin, Ireland
Designation: Application Developer

Area of Interest

        Programming in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) with
MySQL, Oracle

        Programming in ASP / CGI / Perl / Miva / Java

Technical Expertise

Operating Systems: Linux / Unix, Windows NT, Windows
95 & 98, MS-Dos 

Languages: ASP, Java, C++, C, Cobol

Others: Focus 4GL, Dbase III Plus, Professional Write,
Foxpro, VP-Planner, MS-Office 2000, Lotus 1-2-3,
Ms-Excel , Perforce (version control system), Oracle
8.0, APT (Application Productivity Tool) & DB-Library,
Forms 4.5, Reports 3.1, Javascript, Dhtml, Visual

Database: Ms SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ms Access

Web design Pieces:




Name: Invites Section
Tool / Language: PHP 3.0        
Tool Used: Javascript 
Platform: Redhat Linux
Duration: 03rd Dec 2000 – 30th August 2001

Description: This project is for the TUTTiCOM Ltd,
through which the customers can interact with their
members, friends, relatives and colleagues over the
web. It’s a part of the Web based contact management
software, which includes features like News, Address
book, Path Tracker etc. 

SSI BizNet.com

Name: Components in ASP
Language: ASP
Database: Ms Access, Ms SQL
Tool Used: Javascript
Platform: Windows NT
Duration: 25th March 2000 – 20th November 2000

Description: This project is of B2B Portals category.
There are some components in the B2B Portals through
which a specific Community people can make their
business over the Internet. Those components includes
features like Discussion Forum, Polling, Classifieds

SSI BizNet.com

Name: Components in PHP
Language: PHP 4.0
Database: mySQL
Tool Used: Javascript
Platform: Windows NT / Linux
Duration: 25th March 2000 – 20th November 2000

Description: This project is of B2B Portals category.
There are some components in the B2B Portals through
which a specific Community people can make their
business over the Internet. 

Aspire Systems

Name: Fourcorners
Client: Fourcorners Trading Co.
Platform: Linux (Redhat Distribution)
Duration: 2nd of January 2000 – 18th March 2000

Description: This project is for the Fourcorners
Trading company who are involved in manufacturing of
Duvet covers, Pillow Shams & Bed Skirts. There are
around 80 products on this shopping mall and the
products are listed by material type like Villa,
Valios, Linen, Cotton, Silk, Silk Route etc.
The features / customization includes:
Wholesale +  Retail interface, Gift Note Area, Color
of the Product, Quantity in Basket

Aspire Systems
Name: Virtual Notice Board
Client: Adapting Inc. Valencia, Spain
Tool Used: ASP, Javascript & Visual Interdev
Database: MS Access
Platform: Windows NT
Duration: 2nd October 1999 – 30th December 1999

·       A complete bulletin board interface consisting of
user level as well as Admin level interface
·       An effective and user friendly interface to manage
the message listings

Aspire Systems

Name: Boliviamall
Organisation: Aspire Systems, India
Client: Boliviamall (http://www.boliviamall.com)
Tool Used: Miva / Javascript
Platform: Linux (Redhat Distribution)
Duration: 2nd August 1999 – 01st October 1999

Description: This project is for www.boliviamall.com
who are playing a major role in the Virtual-shopping
field in the Bolivian Market. They have many products
including CD’s, Cigarettes, Handicrafts etc.

In the process, there are also many places (stages)
where the customization can be accomplished even
though Miva has it’s own set of display screen to
provide satisfaction to the Client.

Aspire Systems

Name: Restricted Area
Client: Bisa A.Agente de Bolsa (Bisabolsa –
Tool Used: PHP / mySQL
Platform: Linux (Redhat Distribution)
Duration: 2nd June 1999 – 1st August 1999

Description: Bisabolsa.com has a restricted area where
all the restricted html pages are displayed. For
reaching these restricted pages the user has to enter
his desired Username & Password. From there he can
browse all the pages in the restricted area.

Duplication of rows handled in the mySQL table
If the visitor knows the URL of a restricted page
(html page) and if he types the URL on his browser,
he’ll be redirected to the login page once again.
There he will be forced to login with his Username &

Aspire Systems

Name: News & Career
Client: Autotech Viktron Group, USA
Tool Used: PHP / mySQL
Platform: Linux (Redhat Distribution)
Duration: 1st April 1999 – 1st June 1999

Description: This project is for our Client – AVG. The
two activities that are covered in this Project are:
Newsdesk (Press releases) and Career (Job search).

For Newsdesk, there are set of Press releases kept as
a database on our Client’s webserver end from there
PHP scripts retrieves them for browsing all the News
information released by the Company so far. As far as
the search is concerned, we have also created a Search
program which gives you search results by date etc.

Sri Chakra Computers

Name: Financial Accounting
Duration: 4 Months
Tool Used: C++
Platform: Unix
Duration: 2nd August 1997 – 20th November 1997

Description: This is a real time Financial Accounting
package to maintain transaction and master data. The
Main Menu contains Addition, Modification and Deletion
items and we can also Add, Delete or Modify the Cash
Voucher, Bank Vouchers the Journal Voucher and it
works in Purchase and Sales. The main features of this
project is the Online System Operation. And the
Checklist option helps us to create reports.

Sri Chakra Computers

Name: Microdatabase
Duration: 4 Months
Tool Used: C++
Platform: Unix
Duration: 2nd May 1997 – 1st August 1997

Description: This particular package looks like a DBMS
and this is a menu driven one. All sorts of data
manipulation like Add, Delete, Modify, List etc can be
done. Creation of .dbf files through this DBMS is also
possible. Browsing of existing records in a .dbf file
can be done. The Object Oriented Languages’ unique
header file curses.h is used in this package so
effectively that you can manipulate your data very
easily and comfortably.

Sri Chakra Computers

Name: Payroll Monitoring
Duration: 4 Months
Tool Used: Foxpro
Duration: 18th February 1997 – 1st May 1997

Description: This package is meant for any business
organisation. As employee data is very important, this
can be used to maintain a computerised payroll system.

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