Hello list,
        I need to receive/send sms through an IPSec connection
using the socket (pfsocket) function of php.
I hope there's someone out there that can help me solving
some questions.

Here is what I thought to do:
REC_SCRIPT that open the socket connection and listen on
arriving messages (msg will be stored in mysql)
SEND_SCRIPT that is launched from a html form and use that
socket to send the message and store it in myslq.

1. Can the REC_SCRIPT stay alive listening on the persistent
socket connection ?
2. There's a way to launch it automagically when I start
apache ?
3. Can the SEND_SCRIPT use the socket conn. opened by the
first script ?
4. In case of receive/send in the same time, will all be ok

Thank you very much for any help

Stefano Baronio


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