>Thanks for correcting my misspelling, Andrey, "IS NULL" not "IS_NULL".
>Another thing to look at, Ben, is IFNULL(). I would give you an example,
>I never got it to work like I thought it should ;) I think it is supposed
>return an alternate value for NULLs.

Just had a look at manual, ifnull() seems close to useless.  However if
they had NVL(), as Oracle douse....

NVL( column|litrel, '*null*' )

This takes a column or literal as its first arg and if arg is null returns
2nd arg otherwise returns arg.  In other words if the column is null it is
replaces by arg2 otherwise it is simply returned.

Next week I will sing the prases of the oracle decode statement -;)  The
week after that I will get all exited about MySQL freetext indexes, yum,


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