I need some help with checkboxes and multiple arrays,

Here is the peace of code I am working with, and it gives me a list of

This is the while statement which grabs information from the database:
$tplv .= "<TR BGCOLOR=\"$bgColor\" class=\"medium\" align=\"center\">";
$P.="<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"select[]\" value=\"$id\" size=\"3\"";
if($id == $select[$auctions_count])
      $P .= " CHECKED";
$P .= ">";

$tplv .= "<TD width=\"5%\">$P</td>";
$tplv .= "<TD width=\"15%\"><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"id[]\"
value=\"$q[id]\">". $actual."</TD>";
$tplv .= "<TD width=\"15%\"><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"price[]\"
value=\"$q[price]\">". $actual."</TD>";
$tplv .= "<TD width=\"15%\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"shipping[]\"
value=\"\" size=\"10\">";
$tplv .= "<TD width=\"10%\"><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"status[]\"
$tplv .= "</TR>";

and creates someing like this
checkboxes    id    price    shipping    status
    1                1     4.99     1.99         0
    2                4    5.99       2.99        0

As you can see I have 5 arrays. one is select /checkbox, id, price, shipping
and status.
What I am trying to do is search through the array of checkboxes and if the
checkbox is checked I want the information in arrays id, price, shipping,
status be added to the database.

Ale there need to be a check if the status[] == 0;
    then add the information to a table.
Can anyone help me to resolve the problem.


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