How do I return a specific record from a db outside of the query?

Let's say I "select * from table" (using mysql_fetch_object) and get 5
results. I want to display the 5 results in different / random places
on the page.

Place 1 - show details for record 3
Place 2 - show details for record 1
Place 5 - show details for record 5

How do I do this?

I know how to loop thru a mysql result - but what if want to display
things in a random order around the page? I could have multiple select
statements - but this would increase the load on the server and is
unnecessary as all the data was returned from the query - it's just a
matter of knowing how to get it!

Can anyone help?

I am sorry if the question is confusing, but I can't think of a better
way to explain it at the moment (i'm tired)...


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