Chris Lee wrote:
> your server has to open a connection to a remote
> host to see if there are
> messages ? like email ?

 yes. It is a sort of ftp-like protocol.

> if this is so then use
> cron once every so often to
> check if there are new messages.

I'll receive/send a lot of messages and this solution could
not be efficient. But it is a possible way to do that,
thanks, I didn't thought at it.

> if the remote
> host makes a connection to
> your server the use tcp_wrappers to call your php script.

It's my server that make the connection.

> the second script can NOT use the first apps
> socket, sockets arent shared
> like that.

Could I set up a script that handle the connection and take
the message data from another script (launched by a html
form )?

> yes, sending and recienveing should be ok, any
> data backed up will just be
> stored in buffers.
ok thanks
> --
>   Chris Lee

Thanks for your help.

Stefano Baronio

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