echo "<a href='$PHP_SELF?offset=$i*$step' target='_top'>

Missing end quote and semicolon on this line may be the reason...

Try properly indenting and formatting your code.  Also take advantage of 
going in and out of php mode to seperate your code from your display of 
instead of this:
<? echo("<td align=\"center\" width=\"$nWidth\">$sContent</td>"); ?>
Try this:
<td align="center" width="<? echo($nWidth); ?>"><? echo($sContent); ?></td>
Or even this:
<td align="center" width="<?=$nWidth?>"><?=$sContent?></td>

It makes it MUCH easier to read and maintain, and seperates the PHP code 
from the HTML content as much as possible.

Any questions, please ask me.

-Jason Garber
Lead Programmer -


At 12:48 PM 9/27/2001 +0800, you wrote:
System: PHP4.06 + Mysql3.23.41 Win32 + Apache 1.3.20 Win32 + Win98

When PHP is running at the line: $arr=mysql_fetch_array($res);
The IE always show info as below:
"Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or
`T_NUM_STRING' in c:\program files\apache
group\apache\htdocs\web\site1\list.php on line --[the number of line]"

What's the problem wiht mysql_fetch_array() or other?
What does the T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING' mean?


The full code below:

echo "Failed linking to database.";
echo "Failed linking to database.";
$query="selct count(*) from users where sign=1";
$pages=ceil($all/$step);       /*the number of pages needed to listed */
$query="select user_id, user_name, time, status, comment from users
where sign=1
order by user_name
limit $offset, $step";
echo "<table><td align=center>User</td>
<td align=center>Added time</td><td align=center>Status</td></tr>";
for($i=0; $i<$num; $i++) {
$arr=mysql_fetch_array($res);   /* HERE is line where the error occurs!!!
echo "<tr><td align=center><a href=\"profile.php?id=$arr['user_id']\"
echo "<td align=center>$arr['time']</td>";
echo "<td align=center>$arr['status']</td></tr>";
echo "<tr colspan=3><td>$arr['comment']</td></tr>";

echo "</table><br><br><br>";

echo "<table><tr><td align='center'>";  /* show others in multi-pages */
for($i=0; $i<$pages; $i++){
echo "<a href='$PHP_SELF?offset=$i*$step' target='_top'>
echo ($i+1)."</a>";
echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;";
echo "</td></tr></table>";


create table users (
user_id int not null auto_increment primary key,
user_name varchar(30),
time datetime,
status tinyint(1),
comment text,
sign tinyint(1) default '1'

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