I couldn't be bothered waiting for someone to show me a host that runs
php with GD, so i am just going to post the code here, and hope that someone
sees it, and checks it out, and shows the results

If you can't find a jpg file to test this on, just grab the php jpg one,
well i'll post the code now, so people can play with it, remember if you
test it place show the results :D

btw if you don't understand how to use it, you paste the code into a .php
file, and change imgname to the path of an jpg image, if you want to use an
png image, just change the im to ImageCreateFromPNG, ok, thats all...please
show the results

<body bgcolor="#000000">
 $imgname = "/path/to/a/jpeg/file";
    $im = ImageCreateFromJPEG($imgname);
 $output = " ";
   $color = ImageColorsForIndex(ImageColorAt($im, $x, $y));
   echo "<font size=\"1\" color=\"#";
   echo dechex($color['red']);
   echo dechex($color['green']);
   echo dechex($color['blue']);
   echo "\">\$</font>";
  echo "<br>\n";

     - James "ReDucTor" Mitchell

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