I wrote a program where the session gets created, but on subsequent page the session 
does not work or i could not retrieve the value kindly help me, I have put the coding 

The operating system I use is Win98 and Personal Web Server, PHP version used is 4.0.6

File 1 : where the session is registered or created

<body bgcolor="#ffffff">

print "Username var is - ". $username."<br>";
print "Password var is - ". $password."<br>";
print "Uname var is - ". $uname."<br>";
print "Pwd var is - ". $pwd."<br>";

echo session_is_registered("uname");
echo session_name("uname");
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File 2 : Next page, the file where i check for the session variable's value

print "uname is - ".$uname."<br>";
echo "Session is - ".session_is_registered("uname")."<br>";
echo "session name is - ". session_name("uname")."<br>";
echo "the session is $uname"."<br>";
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Those are the coding i had used on the files i was trying to execute

Krushna Kumar

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