> > its really a big headache with compilers like c bugging all the way just for 

One remark, btw. Using explicit declarations isn't really more of a
<quote>headache</quote> then _not_ using expl.decl. When you don't
use explicit declarations, you'll need to check wether or not a
variable is defined at (almost) any point where you want to use it.

But... like I said; it's more a matter of preference.

Only thing is that when I look at quite a lot of people who post on
this mailinglist, I think it shouldn't be such a bad idea to force
them into coding a bit stricter. Many people just start using
variables "because they'll probably already been defined". That's
not something you can depend on. Same with people who think they can
just use variables that have been posted from a form. No need to
check them for being defined?!? I think you should. You cannot
depend on user-inputs. And there's always a possibility of people
bookmarking specific pages or typing URL's themselves. You'll always
need to check variable before you use them.
Explicit declaration at least address a part of this problem. It
forced people to code a bit stricter.


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