In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Big5ive) wrote:

>     $list = split("|",$user, 3);
>     echo "<tr
> align=left><td>$list[0]</td><td>$list[1]</td><td>$list[2]</td></tr>";
>    ?>
>    </table>
>  </body>
> </html>
> How can i fix this error?
> Content of members.txt is
> Big5ive|Admin|24.09.2001
> The script should read the text file and split the content by | and write it
> in a table.

Split is a regex function, and "|" is a regex special character meaning 
"or" when it's not escaped. You don't have need for regex matching here, so 
just use explode() instead:

explode("|",$user, 3);


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