At 01:25 PM 9/30/2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>This is what I do, maybe is gonna help you
>bash file structure:
>      #!/bin/bash
>      ##
>      ##  mysql maintenance
>      ##
>      /usr/bin/mysql -u username --password=yourpassword <<EOF
>      use yourdatabase;
>      YOUR SQL query HERE;
>      exit
>      EOF
>  chmod +x yourbashfile
>so "cronjob" this file with the desired frecuency


if this is a public server (linux that's not running the openwall patch, 
for example) then anyone can see your password with a `ps auxwww` while 
it's running.  Scripts I run from cron are usually recalculation scripts in 
the middle of the night that take 10-15 mins to run, and as such would give 
anyone more than enough time to grab it while the script is running, not 
that it's not possible to grab it even with a shorter execution time as well.


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