On Sunday 30 September 2001 04:31 pm, Matt Greer wrote:
> On Sunday 30 September 2001 18:23, Armando Cerna wrote:
> > I have tried system (updatemp) and exec (updatemp)
> The system() function requires a string as its argument. So you need to
> write it as system("updatemp"); or system("$files");
> Matt

Yeah I did it like that I just didn't type it out in the email like that, 
sorry for the confustion.  Would the contents of updatemp matter, just in 
case you didn't catch it on the previous email here it is

smbclient //machine/c -I -U armando%secret -D a1 -c 'lcd /tmp/dbf 
; prompt ; mget *.dbf ; quit'


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