Hi am trying to add data from html form,  and it seems like the line 14 in 
my script,

$sybase_query="INSERT into problem 

Warning: Sybase message: Incorrect syntax near 't'. (severity 15) in 
/var/www/html/process.php on line 14

Warning: Sybase message: Unclosed quote before the character string ')'. 
(severity 15) in /var/www/html/process.php on line 14

when trying to insert the following data

Product :Test Director

Problem Title : Doesn\'t work

Description: I dont knw why

Solution : dondd

Caleb Carvalho
Application Engineer
Enterprise Testing and Performance Management Solutions
Mercury Interactive
410 Frimley Business Park
Frimley, Surrey.  GU16 7ST
United Kingdom
Telephone :  +44 (0)1276 808300

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