I am relatively new to PHP & MySQL.  I took on a side project some months
ago which I now realize is over my head.  The project is a real estate
catalog.  I adapted the catalog system from Welling and Thomson's "PHP &
MySQL Web Development" from SAMS.

I really need to wrap this project up.  So, I am looking for someone whose
skills are strong and has time to "connect all of the dots" in the
modifications I've made.  The Database is built and I've not strayed to far
from the original PHP, so I think this should be relatively simple for
someone with lots of dev experience in this environment.

If you are interested in working on this, please email me at
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  Please include your number of years experience in
this environment, hourly rate, current availability, links to some sample
sites and two professional references.


Doug Daulton
Ursa Studios

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