Got a big problem with PHP 4.0.6 and PDFLIB 4.0.1.

I got a script which is part of an application i wrote on a linux server
(2.4 kernel) under php 4.0.5, mysql and PDFLIB 3.0.3. This script work
very fine in this configuration.

Today, i need to port the intranet application that use this script on
an hp9000 box (hp-ux 11.00 64 bits OS), with SYBASE ASE 12 as Database
server. Thirst, i got problem compiling PDFLIB 3.0.3 and PHP 4.0.5, so i
decide upgrading both and i compile with success PDFLIB 4.0.1 and PHP
4.0.6 (DSO) together.

When i began to test the application i got problems with one of the
script that use PDF_* functions. After investigations, here is what i've
found :

this work well :

>>> $funame = "toto";
>>> pdf_show_xy($pdf, "tutu $funame", 30, $y);

but this cause the httpd process to die with this error "child pid 24308
exit signal Segmentation fault (11)" in the apache error log.

>>> $funame  = $row["username"];
>>> pdf_show_xy($pdf, "tutu $funame", 30, $y);

the $row["username"] is extracted from the sybase database, retrieving
the value of the "username" field. 

There is no problem with the SYBASE record because the script print
$row["username"] in the html returned page too.

It seems to me like a memory allocation problem ...

Does anybody experience the same problem ?

If anybody have an idea ...

Many thanks for help.


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