One possibilety is to have a script which does the sending - checking
against a db to see what to send out, having it called periodically from a
cron job.

I have built a (very) simple little daemon for doing jobs like this, it
works similarly to cron except it is easier to programmaticly add and remove
jobs. It also works on a linear time idea, rather than periodic like cron,
so you can ask it to schedule a job a specific time offset from now, or at
an absolute time (like cron). This is part of a package i've been working on
for a while for defining & managing processes like you describe below.


"Stephane Besnard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Does anybody know how to generate 'dated/timed actions' with PHP?
> By this I mean, for instance, automatically sending an email to a group of
> people when a specific date and time is reached: sending a happy birthday
> message to a users.
> Thanks,
> Stephane.
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