why bother charting logouts.  use cookies that expires so you know that
they will eventually lose access and need to login again.

just a thought

Henrik Hansen wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Alexander Deruwe) wrote:
>  > Hey all,
>  >
>  > I keep track of my users using PHP4 sessions, with verification against a
>  > PostgreSQL database.
>  >
>  > How can I detect when a user logs out / is logged out? I provide a hyperlink
>  > 'Logout' which users are supposed to click, so I can obviously check there.
>  > My main concern however is that people won't really use that link, but just
>  > close their browser.. Which means my table with logged in users will never
>  > get properly updated. Any ideas are appreciated.
> when the user surfs your pages you update their logged in timestamp
> then it's always updated with the last time they were asctive on your
> page, then you setup a cronjob or something else to check weather or
> not the users has been active in a given interval like 1 hour. This
> method will still have somekind of uncertainty. I still think there
> are many other ways (better?) to do it.
> --
> Henrik Hansen

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