You might want to take a look at Netmania. (
Caveats:  I helped  install Netmania at a former employer back in February
2001, and with the then-current distribution we had all kinds of trouble
setting it up until we realized that it depended on having *all* error
handling turned off (even warnings) - with errors disabled it worked like a
dream, although we had to wonder why they would have released code known to
cause warning messages.

I think a new version has come out since then, and maybe they've addressed
some of those problems.  Once set up it's a very impressive system both in
appearance and functionality - it does use a lot of Javascript, so there
might be issues between Netscape/IE/Konqueror/Mozilla/Mac/Windows/Linux.
YMMV :)  It requires Unix/Linux, Apache 1.3 and MySQL.


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> From: Rosen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 5:17 AM
> Subject: WebMail Client
> Hi,
> Can someone recommend me some free php script for WebMail client
> (like Squerriemail) ?
> Thanks,
> Rosen

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