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From: Pavel Kharitonov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Newsgroups: php.general
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 11:50 PM
Subject: Warning: offset not contained in string

> Hi everybody,
> I'm very new to this list, so please bear with me if I break the
> rules of the list (and let me know, of course:)
> I have a question: did somebody encounter this warning before:
> "Warning: offset not contained in string ***myscript.php on line xxx"
> line xxx contains the following code:
> $query.= " WHERE ses_id=$sid";
> This warning started happening after I added some ' (single quotes) to the
> string $query somewhere else at the top. At least that's the best reason I
> can come up with.
> Sincerely,
> Pavel Kharitonov
> Project Manager
> Intechnic Corporation
> Phone: (847) 816-1231

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