> document.myform["email[]"] seems to give me a syntax error.

Check if your already using "" you'll need to use single quotes as so:
<input type="button" name="CheckAll" value="Check All"
(tested on IE 5.5 and NS 4.08, works)

>> If you leave it as email, you can then convert the email variable into an
array using explode() or split() as so:

>  On the recieving page I have echo($array = implode (",", $email));
which echos the array of text box values just fine. but only if the input
name=email[] not name=email, and email[] doesnt work since my javascript
uses email, not email[]

If you want to continue using email[], the above advise should be okay, and
no need to read on.
If you want to use email, instead of echo(implode(",", $email)), just
echo($email), then you can use explode() when you want the array.
// When using $email, not $email[]
// The comma seperated string:
// The array:
$ar_email = explode("," $email);
// The array glued for viewing:
echo(implode (",", $ar_email));

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