mysqldump would work pretty well if the source DB is mysql, but it's a DB I have to 
access via ODBC on a windows box instead.  And this particular DB doesn't seem to have 
a command line interface to export a table that I can call from PHP.  

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  Subject: Re: [PHP] Best way to duplicate tables to another DB using PHP

  use mysql statement mysql_dump thru php.


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    Subject: [PHP] Best way to duplicate tables to another DB using PHP

    Hi guys.  What do you suggest is the best (fastest, most efficient) way to
    duplicate a table from one database to another using PHP?  I have a windows
    machine setup with ODBC for this old school DB (Pervasive SQL 7) and I would
    like to duplicate some of the tables into a Linux box with MySQL for some
    datawarehousing purposes.  The largest table is about 30K records.  I'm not
    sure if something like a "select *" and then doing a foreach record insert
    into MySQL would be the best way.  Thanks for any suggestions.


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