Hey all.  I have a script that uses that creates/manipulates files, and 
it works great on my end.  Thats no question.  There is a small 
percentage of my users that when they try to run the file it cannot 
create or modify files.  I suspected file ownership may be wrong on 
files and directories.  Just in case Im wrong, what else could be the 

Example code.
$file = "foo/bar/example.php";
$config = array("x", "y", "z");
if ($fp = fopen($config_file, "wb")) {
         foreach ($config as $line) {
             fwrite($fp, "$line\n");

Example error.
Warning: fopen("foo/bar/example.php","wb") - Permission denied in
/usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/httpsdocs/install.php on line 3429


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