On a *nix based system this type of error is caused by 
the file permissions being wrong (like -rw----- that
is only the owner can read the file, usually its set
to -rw-r--r-- so group and world can read the file too)

I don't know about IIS but you might investigate wheither 
or not your everyone user has permissions to the file, and
see where that takes you.

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-----  Wed, 3 Oct 2001 14:42:37 -0400

Hi ya all!

    I'm having some trouble with PHP on IIS.  Yes, I know IIS suck!  When I
have one website, I have no problem.  But when I have more than one website
on IIS.  This is when I have problem with PHP.  I looked up on php.ini to
make sure the line, "doc root = " is left blank and the other line,
"include_path = " is left blank also.  It seem that php.ini can't work with
multiple website on IIS that each website have different directory and
seperate directory.

    So, what's hte problem and what do I need to do to fix it?


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