"Alfredeen, Johan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> My webhost recently migrated my site over to a new server and IP.
> looks ok, except that all my MySQL tables now are read-only (at least
> the error I get when trying to delete or insert records). How do I change
> the tables back to write? Can I switch individual tables to write or is
> there a setting to set the whole db instance to write?
> I am using MySQL 3.23.32 and phpAdmin 2.2.0rc3. I appreciate your help.

It sounds like your user doesn't have all the privileges you need, or at
least doesn't have all of the privileges you need for that specific
database.  Ask your web host to give you the necessary privileges in the
user and db tables of the mysql database.  If the web host is clueless ask
them to send you the output of the following and post to the list so we can

SELECT * FROM mysql.user WHERE user = 'yourusername'; SELECT * FROM mysql.db
WHERE user = 'yourusername';

BTW, this is really a purely MySQL problem and is better suited for the
mysql mailing list.  See mysql.com if you'd rather take the topic there.

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

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