On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 13:51, Lucas Persona wrote:
>   I'd like to know if anyone has any material regarding the use of 
> PHP on large projects that needs to be flexible and kind of 'component
> based' (like multiples modules) and what were the benefits and problems
> found during development/deployment/runtime.
>   I think something like JavaBeans could make it but am not sure if 
> PHP can hadle that too with great success and perhaps, faster than 
> JavaBeans.

PHP works quite nicely on large, modular projects. :)  

A key is using the correct infrastructure and doing your
design/architecture work up-front, rather than just slogging out a lot
of PHP code and HTML all mixed together.

Where I work we've used an environment that's a synergy of pure HTML
templates + a servlet/bean infrastructure (implemented in PHP though)
with great success. 

I have a case-study document that I'm in the process of getting
permission to publish.  I'll post a link to it when I can.

- Tim

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