On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 11:10:56AM -0400, Matthew Luchak wrote:
> Is there a way to verify if a file is in use by another user before
> fopening it?  

As far as I know this is something you have to program in yourself.  If
you are only worried about your programs accessing the file, then it is
a good idea to create a lock file.  Before you access a file called
mydata, check for a file called mydata.lock.  If that exists, then the
file is in use, so wait and check later.  If it does not exist, create a
file called mydata.lock, open mydata, do with it as you please, close
mydata, and delete mydata.lock.  

You also have to be prepared to handle a situation where your program
stops before removing the lock file.  Usually with PHP, it is much
easier to just use a database so all this file locking is dealt with by
the database and not you.
Jason Stechschulte
Sorry.  My testing organization is either too small, or too large, depending
on how you look at it.  :-)
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