What is the best way to change linux passwords using a web .PHP interface? 
I currently allow FTP access to php enabled webhosting sites; which use 
safe mode, thus use real linux accounts.

Thus far I thought I would:

Write a real short C program which would call allow to go
        setpasswd <username> <passwd>
        passwd could perhaps be the crypt() version to provide better security?
        it would just call passwd, and ensure that username is not 'root' and a
        few other accounts ;)

Then I would put that program within the directory of executables allowed 
in safe mode. And just have a plain http post form to update the password, 
running over HTTPS.

Does this seem a good plan ... or are there better?

It also begs the question; how do I authenticate an account using php ...  
to login to their 'change password' feature? I have already spent alot of 
time trying to merge password files for different uses; Windows 
shares, Linux ones, for samba, and this and that, so it'd be nice to now 
have yet another passwd file :)


Sigurd Magnusson

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