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> httpd.conf
> php_value Engine Off or somesuch...
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its "php_flag engine off"


You might be interested in this too:

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If you do virutal hosting, you can turn safe mode on and off for different 
Apache Virutal Hosts using the php_admin_value directive. This also allows 
you to have customised maximum execution times, disabled functions, etc. By 
placeing a base_dir for each virutal host, this means PHP CANNOT access 
files below this heirachy; strongly recoomended for cutsomer hosting.


 DocumentRoot /var/www/html/safephphost/
 ServerName safephp
 php_admin_value safe_mode 1
 php_admin_value open_base_dir /var/www/html/safephphost/
 php_admin_value sendmail_from


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> Subject: Restrict where PHP is Usable?
>> I've seen this done before on servers, but I'm not sure how to do it.
>> Is there a way to restrict PHP to certain directories, so that it can
>> only be used by files within those directories?
>> For example: I'm starting a web page hosting service, and I'd like to
>> make it so that most users can't use PHP. They'll have to pay a (very
>> small) monthly fee to have access to it. This is partly as a very loose
>> security measure, so that not everyone has access to PHP.
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