> I always depreciated WYSIWYG software, especially when they mention
> those things about HTML. HTML is the alphabet of the internet and as
> such should be well known by any webmaster and whoever else is
> interested in this kind of software.
> Still, it feels like it is better than Dreamveawer and Microsoft
> FrontPage (oh boy, I pronounced devil's name)

Exactly my thoughts but it seems we are more in the minority.  My neighbor
mentioned his girlfriend taking a web class and he complained that they use
Notepad for their editing.  "Who uses Notepad?", he asked.  Yet he was
suprised when she was showing him a thing or two.  WYSIWYG editors are nice
for general things like layout (I use Dreamweaver to help layout any table
in a table stuff) but I haven't ran across a editor yet that makes solid


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