On Fri,  5 Oct 2001 13:54, ReDucTor wrote:
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> Subject: Re: [PHP] System(), exec(), Passthru(), etc
> > On Fri,  5 Oct 2001 13:19, ReDucTor wrote:
> > > I can't seem to get a return value, while using the functions, it
> > > just puts a 0 on the page, i try putting a <br> after i do the
> > > system call, still all that is on the page, 0, something is wrong,
> > > anyone know why?!?
> > >
> > > I got no telnet access, and i want to do some cron jobs :D
> > >
> > >      - James  "ReDucTor" Mitchell
> >
> > Perhaps if you show how you are doing this, it might be easier to
> > help. Are you for instance using the return_var argument?
> >
> > And in some cases, 0 is a valid return value; some programs may not
> > return a value at all.
> >
> echo System("crontab -l", $var)."<br>";
> echo $var;

I doubt that crontab is likely to return an exit status - there's nothing 
in the man page to indicate it, and it is an interactive app (mostly). 
You might get a return from the _shell_ if it failed to execute crontab 
for wahtever reason.

Wiser heads than mine may be able to offer more info; or scratch around 
in the crontab source. (I was going to say older heads, but that cuts the 
options down considerably)

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   That must be wonderful! I don't understand it at all.

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