"Maxim Maletsky \(PHPBeginner.com\)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on
05/10/2001 01:43:57

Subject:  RE: [PHP] PHP is a Bloated Kludge, discuss!

Firstly let me say that you lot have been great.  Lots of useful stuff and
no flame, big Respect!  Sorry about reactionary nature of the post.  Doing
a 9/5 and building PHP sites till 2 in the morning means I drink a lot of
coffee during the day. I guess I could blame it PHP's addictive nature  ;)
(because of its ease of use and power of course).

Luckily only on my 2nd cup.

Anyway have enough pro-php amo now.  Actually had a look at some benchmarks
and both mod_php and mod_perl are fast, haven't found any that seem to do
proper tests though ( Wish I could get paid for writing apps where all they
do is display 'Hello World' 5 thousand times ).  Anyone know any good
exhaustive ones.

>It is just you and some other people similar to you. Thought this
>question was up for a while :-)

did not know there were many
techn-hippy-anarcho-headenist-dyslexic-anti-capitalists left, There's hope
for us all ;)

>Is it really true? I always though it wasn't.
>AFAIN: Long time ago require() was working this way. But now, require()
>and include() are the same. Loaded only when needed.

No, Been put straight on this one.

>Well, it has it's pluses and it's minuses, it is extendable, though OOD
>works a little different in it. But hey, it compiles on the fly,
>remember? That's a plus for developers, especially newbies.

Probably not so bad OOD stuff is handled differently, OO languages do tent
to be a bit on the slow side.  They also don't really fit with PHP's
paradigm.  OO stuff is very modular and PHP is not.  Weather this is good
or bad is one issue but it is certainly true that trying to mix paradigms
is always going to be a problem.  Also remembering an article by F.Brooks
entitles 'There is no Silver Bullet'.  Anyone know where there is an
on-line version on this. Basically OO is a load of already existing 'good
practices' with there own spin and some clever implementation.  Kind of a
checklist with knobs on it.  There is no silver bullet when it comes to
Software Engineering, just a load of copper ones.  A lot of non-oo language
can use a lot of (stolen) OO concepts and as we all know OO douse not
garentee good code, just makes it SLIGHTLY more likely (and only if people
understand the underlying concepts).

>OK, true. But, this is necessary if you want PHP to automatically
>connect to different DBs.
>A plus to portability and a minus to... (to what?)

Not automatically uniformly, but there are libraries out there (I now know)
which do this anyway.

> We all play it (Devils Advocate) once at least ;-)

Well they do say the devil has all the best tunes.

>Isn't it the greatest thing of it?
>Just think of this - where else you can become a programmer in a short
>Compliling/executing/libraring/connecting just to make a simple
>guestbook for your site.

Steady all, you'll be butting all programmers out of a job, or are you a
techn-hippy-anarcho-headenist-dyslexic-anti-capitalists too ;)


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