TM> I have file .....

TM> index.php3.... a form in it ...

TM> <input type=checkbox name=Steak value="15.25">
TM> <input type=checkbox name=XYZ value="10.25">
TM> <input type=checkbox name=CHIPs value="5.25">

TM> and how to make it that form.php3 will read all the data that was submitted
TM> (i'm mean the name and the value)

do you mean :

while (list ($name, $value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {
  proceed with them....
  if ($name=="Steak") {
    echo "Variable name: ".$name." equals to ".$value;
  if ($name=="XYZ") {
    echo "Variable name : ".$name." and it's value is ".$value;

Put this code whereever you want to process your submited form
Note that you haven't <input type="submit"> on your form, but in most cases it's
necessaey to have it (exept some JavaScript was added).

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