I learn PHP with Java and I try PHP script from help, like below;

 $system = new Java("java.lang.System");
 print "Java version=".$system->getProperty("java.version")." <br>\n";
 print "Java vendor=".$system->getProperty("java.vendor")." <p>\n\n";
 print "OS=".$system->getProperty("os.name")." ".
             $system->getProperty("os.version")." on ".
             $system->getProperty("os.arch")." <br>\n";
 $formatter = new Java("java.text.SimpleDateFormat","EEEE, MMMM dd, yyyy 'at' h:mm:ss 
a zzzz");
 print $formatter->format(new Java("java.util.Date"))."\n";

error like;
Fatal error: Unable to create Java Virtual Machine in c:\new\java\ex01.php on line 2

Thanks for help.

Hotma MS
(sorry about my english)

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