Hi All-

I have a script in which I use ignore_user_abort() to perform some
extensive processing that
can take a few hours which there is no need for users to wait for.

I display a message saying their submission is complete and continue to run
the PHP script
in the background. It doesn't matter if they close their browser or
whatever, as the script continues
to run.

My problem is, I want the browser to stop waiting for more output from the
script. It confuses people
when it says you may now close the browser when the icon in the top right
is still moving and the progress
bar is still moving.

Is there any way in PHP (or even Javascript) that I can tell the browser to
close the connection
(ie. the equivalent of hitting the stop button).

Apparently "window.stop()" in javascript works in Netscape Navigator but
not in IE. I really need this to
work in IE (and it only need be IE!).

Any ideas?

PS/ Not really keen on running a cron job to do the same thing when it
would be easier just to stop
the browser from loading.


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