Hey all,

When running PHP scripts from the command line, I get this error:

"Content type: text/html
PHP Fatal error: Unable to start session mm module in Unknown on line 0"

The script doesn't run, or so it seems. I also get this error when I run 
generic stuff such as 'php4 --help', or just 'php4 -q'.

The script in question is this (though I hardly think it matters):
#!/usr/bin/php4 -q
    echo "Hello, World!\n";

Does anyone know what is going on? Searching the archives for the error 
string turned up nothing.

I'm running PHP v4.0.7RC3 (from package php4-cgi) on Linux 2.4.10-ac11. 
Distribution debian unstable.

Thanks in advance,

Alexander Deruwe

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