Im interested in launching an HTML page directly from another page. The
former has php code and Id also like to pass some arguments to it.
 Im using the getURL code to do this job but I had some problems:

 After launched, the page looks quite weird. When I look at the source code,
the variable replacements in the php pieces is wrong. Instead of getting the
contents of the variables, it looks as if everything was delated and
backlashes were inserted within the quotes. For example, the following line
in the php code

<input type="text" name="name" value="<? echo $name; ?>" width="600"
size="33" maxlength="80">

  was replace by

<input type=\"text\" name=\"name\" value=\"\" width=\"600\" size=\"33\"

 Do you have any hint about the problem here? If getURL is not the
appropriate way of doing what I want, what should I use?

 Thanks in advance,


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