"René Fournier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just trying to convert an array to string before writing the whole thing
> back out to a file.  (Trying to do a simple database-less database, using
> text files).
> $fcontents = file($name.".db");  // THE ENTIRE TABLE
> $fcontents[$update] = $updatedstring;  // THE ROW TO BE UPDATED
> $fp = fopen($name.".db", "w+");
> But before the next line, I need to convert $fcontents to a string, else
> just "Array" gets written to the text file.  I just can't seem to find the
> sure-to-be simple command to do this on php.net or phpbuilder.com, etc.
> ideas?

See implode().

$fcontents_string = implode( '', $fcontents );

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

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