I'm wondering if there are any articles or other material describing how to
design PHP web applications in a highly object oriented fashion?
Specifically, object relational mapping, using classes for nearly everything
(as appropriate), etc.  The articles don't have to be PHP specific, but
PHP's OO/class facilities leave a bit to be desired in comparison to say
Java, so how this is done in PHP would be interesting.

I've read a few PHP articles, a couple books, etc. on the "typical" (my
impression) way of designing PHP web apps, where it's pretty much a 2 layer
setup of UI and database, and there is no encapsulation/data hiding, and
classes/objects aren't used much.

Pointers to any material of this nature would be appreciated.

Chris Bailey        mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Code Intensity      http://www.codeintensity.com

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