Hello All
I try to implement a authsystem like.
1.) in php.ini I call prepend.php to initial db_mysql.inc ct_sql.inc
session.inc auth.inc perm.inc user.inc
local.inc.php page.inc.php
2.) in local.inc.php  I have the class My_Auth where I create a
$tpl new EasyTemplate("loginform.inc.php")

in the index.html I make a <a href="pages/site2.php">index</a> in
pages/site2.php I have
<?php  page_open(array("sess" => "Example_Session", "auth" => "My_Auth"));
(session works)

my problem is the loginform.inc.php will not be parsed  I try to put the
loginform.inc.php in every path below docRoot


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