On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Mark Lo wrote:

>         I have been asking this for so many times, and I never get a reply
> for this !!!   Please help me.  I would like to know how to download the
> whole directory using PHP.  Can anyone supply me some sources code for this.

I see a few reasons why you won't get an answer to your question:
1) you didn't ask a well-formed question.  your question was vague.
2) you didn't provide any information about your setup or environment.
3) you didn't ask for help.  you asked for code.
4) you didn't demonstrate that you're trying to come up with your
   own solution, and need some help to make your solution work.

You're free to make such inqueries, but we're also free to ignore them.
(Most people regard your type of inquery as rude, and delete them.)

If you remedy the conditions mentioned above, I'm sure people on the list
would be glad to help.

        ~Chris                           /"\
                                         \ /     September 11, 2001
                                          X      We Are All New Yorkers
                                         / \     rm -rf /bin/laden

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