DL Neil wrote:

>>Khalid Hazmi wrote:
>>>How I can download the current Annotated PHP Manual???
>>There is no such thing... AFAIK.
> => Yasuo Ohgaki
> Yasuo: Yes there is (and VERY useful it is too), check out the range of PHP 
>documentation available from
> http://www.php.net/docs.php
> Khalid: Unlike some other packages I don't think there's a zipped-up, 
>ready-for-download version. I presume this is
> because the online version is always 'the latest' - but I don't know how often they 
>update it (maybe that's somewhere on
> the page I just quoted!?) You could try something called a "webwhacker" to download 
>the web of pages that make up the
> manual...

I thought Khalid is talking about downloadable version of 
*Annotated* PHP Manual, not a usual HTML/PDF/etc version of PHP 

AFIAK, PHP Manual is written in DocBook/DSSSL format and 
HTML/PDF/etc version is generated from XML source which does not 
have any info about notes in online version of PHP Manual....

Yasuo Ohgaki

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