At 17:20 21/10/01 -0700, you wrote:
>You can try ActiveState's Komodo.
>         It supports PHP, Perl, Python, etc., has a debugger, pretty cool 
> editor,
>etc.  It's only a 1.0 (at least the last time I used it), but was pretty
>solid for a 1.0.
>What are you looking for in an IDE?  Instead of an "IDE" I use Visual
>SlickEdit.  It's a commercial editor, but it supports PHP, and does a lot of
>things an IDE does (it has projects & workspaces, you can do your builds in
>it, awesome editor, stuff like function name completion, shows you what
>params the function takes, etc.).

exactly what I'm looking for... it's not for me really... It's for a 
friend... I develop in Win32... and use HomeSite... I tried this Komodo... 
but never saw this SlickEdit... does it have a win32 version???

. Christian Dechery
. . Gaita-L Owner / Web Developer
. .
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