Divide and conquer ....

Have you tried it one function at a time -- e.g.
if (email_is_valid($Email)
    do stuff ...

    what values do these tests return?
    have you echoed the values?

HTH - Miles

At 02:07 PM 10/22/01 +0200, Toke Herkild wrote:
>I've made a script which ought to validate if there is data in the fields or
>not... but it doesn't seem to work...
>the validation is following:
>if ((email_is_valid($Email)) and ($Name != "") and ($Message != "")){
>   do stuff ...
>But even if I submit an empty form it executes "do stuf..."
>I have tried to put an empty space into the $Name and $Message test but that
>doesn't seem to do any difference either...
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