I'm trying to use my own session handler. I tried several
examples before trying it out on my local box. It worked,
and I don't know why it didn't work on the other. Here
are the setups:

My local box (where it works):
OS: Windows 2000
PHP 4.0.6
Apache 1.3.x

I didn't even have to set the handler setting from "files" to "user", and it

Original box (where it does not work)
OS: FreeBSD 4.4
PHP 4.0.6
Apache 1.3.22

The session value basically doesn't get changed at all.
No errors get printed, just no change in session value.
The example I ended up finally using is the one described

BTW, the "vanilla" session handler is not working under
the FreeBSD setup, either. This is the target platform,
so I really need to figure this out....

Please, any and all help is appreciated!!!

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