You're better off using Perl or something else for this if possible.
Learning a new language for one thing is like taking three years of Spanish
to order a taco and some refried beans.

Besides, C/C++ aren't the easiest languages to learn and get good at quick.

Mike Frazer

"Nicolas Costes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello, this is out of topic but I need some URLs of good C/C++
> tutorials/exemples sites ...
> I really think some of you are former C programmers :)
> If it is , well, I'm lokking for a good manner to get the IPs of my
> particularly the one used to get on the internet !!! (something like " #
> ifconfig | grep inet | cut -d":" -f2| cut -d" " -f1 " ...)
> thanx ...
> [when I've finished with my C program, I get back to PHP :-)]
>     (-    Nayco.
>     //\    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>     v_/_

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