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> I am inserting into table
> values('$product','$title,'$date')
> the date field gets added by default, like time stamp,

Does $date have a value at this point?  What is it?
> when i view the contents added to database i see date field showing
> ex:
> display.php
> $product, $title,   $date
> ................................................
> mango     good fruit  Jan 1 1900 12:00:00:000AM

This looks to me suspiciously like Sybase is seeing either an empty/zero
value or one that it's not able to parse as a date and time.  Are you
*sure* that the column type you're using is supposed to automagically
insert a current timestamp?  If so, you might double-check your
documentation to see under what circumstances it will do so...it might
only do it, for example, if you insert a NULL value (which is not the
same as an empty string).  If not, you could try using the now()
function in your insert query instead of specifying a '$date' value.

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