I love PHP/Apache/Linux/(and all its all the new apps, YEAH)/etc.

But my provider now advertised, "ASP NOW available!" I really don't plan on

However, I had a question for all of you here, or should I say several?

Anyone noticed more or less PHP usage in customers/providers?

How many of you, who write in PHP;
        A/ Use templates at all.
        B/ Use Fast templates or an equivilent.
        C/ Use a development environment made from PHP like Zope, Midgard, et. al.
        D/ Can share with us a new direction in PHP that will keep it 
        E/ Know where there is a place that has pointers to, "The best 100
                PHP generated pages/applications!"
        F/ Want to contribute suggestions to 'E' above? If php.net doesn't want to
                host it, I will.

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